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Duration: 7 days

Earn 17.5%

Support: 24/7




Duration: 7 days

Earn 21%

Support: 24/7




Duration: 7 days

Earn 24.5%

Support: 24/7




Duration: 1 days

Earn 20%

Support: 24/7

Share holders



Duration: 1 days

Earn 50%

Support: 24/7

Guaranteed stable income

Our investment proposal is competitive and promising in the market.
Thanks to the daily rate and the included deposit principal, you get reduced risks, especially aon the fast investment period.
Together with Instant payments, updating the interest rate and active development, the Maxwilava project is one of the best investment decisions.

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The investment plan updates every 24 hours, with every new update it will more attractive for you.

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